As a child of, a wife of, a niece of, and probably a granddaughter of an alcoholic, I developed my own case of Alcoholism. My bottle did not contain liquor; it contained Worry and an assortment of other poisonous spirits that lured me into a wild-and-crazy way of dancing through my life.

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Do I Have to Work on my Recovery, Today?

The success of your recovery depends on maintaining vigilance or awareness. You’ve worked hard to give up drugs and alcohol; that’s the getting into recovery. Unfortunately, some people get complacent or self-satisfied when they have accomplished a part of the whole. It’s rather like someone saying they want to eat some cake for dessert and then stopping with only the eggs and flour in the bowl, but saying, “Look, I’m making a cake. I think I’ll take a break.”

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Happy: One of the Seven Dwarfs or a State of Mind?

I am not by nature a happy person. I’ve often said in a judgmental way that, “Happy is just one of the Seven Dwarfs.” But after he left our session, I decided to re-frame my perception. Rather than stating that I’m content and satisfied, I inserted happy about the circumstances in my life, happy about what I do for a living, happy with my relationships, and happy about my living environment.

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Is It Time for Your Undeniable Moment of Change?

  By: Marilyn L. Davis “I’ve come to believe that in everyone’s life, there’s one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.” Nicholas Sparks ___ ____ Words of Wisdom about Change   Are some of you wondering how often I can write about change? Get tired of me prattling on […]

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What Does It Mean to ‘Look at Yourself’ in Recovery?

People in my recovery support meetings said I had to look at myself, when that was the last thing I wanted to do. I disliked what I saw in a mirror, let alone go within to discover that I was like the Picture of Dorian Gray, presenting favorably to the world, but full of self-serving, self-centered, unhealthy characteristics, and a perception of evil inside. It was difficult to face, that much like Dorian, I had sold my soul to my addiction.

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Recovery: All the Numbed Feelings Pop Back Up

Those feelings and thoughts about our life were held down rather like a jack-in-the-box – hidden away only by the mechanism of the box, or in the case of our addiction, by our use.

Take away the drugs and alcohol, and the feelings come flooding back, seemingly without rhyme or reason. However, emotional memory stores all those old feelings. They are still there.

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