About Marilyn L. Davis: Editor-in-Chief

Marilyn L. Davis From Addict 2 AdvocateMarilyn L. Davis is the Editor-in-Chief at From Addict 2 Advocate.  In 1990, she opened North House, an award-winning women’s residential recovery home. In 2008, Brenau University, Georgia, created the Marilyn Davis Community Service Learning Award. This is a yearly award given to  advocates in mental health, wellness, and recovery. In 2010, she received the Liberty Bell Award for her work within the criminal justice system.

Before closing the house in 2011, she authored and developed  Therapeutic Integrated Educational Recovery Systems (TIERS). When North House closed, friends and colleagues encouraged her to write online to reach a larger audience.  Finding outlets online, she shared  her 28 years in abstinence-based recovery.

She also realized that how she said something might not connect with all readers, so she has made an effort to collaborate with new and seasoned recovery writers when she started From Addict 2 Advocate.

As a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist, she conducts groups for men’s and women’s residential programs, as well as facilitating a recovery group for HIV positive people.

As the Assistant Editor at Two Drops of Ink, The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing, she understands that writing is a process and most writers want information on how to improve.  However, writing about writing can get tedious, so she often combines writing advice using stories and examples from her work with addicts and alcoholics. Improving writing is a process, like recovery. Using recovery examples in her writing advice, means that her readers learn the ways in which people change, improve their lives, and this creates another outlet for her to advocate for recovery, while writing about writing.

Her two daughters are in recovery as well, with 21 and 15 years. She is working on her memoir: Finding North: A Woman’s Journey from Addict 2 Advocate.

On the Lookout for New Perspectives in Recovery

A firm believer in “Recovery Works”, she knows that giving people multiple perspectives on addiction and recovery means that more people are exposed to writing that encourages people to recover.

When you’re ready to share your experiences, send a guest post to: FromAddict2Advocatesubmissions@yahoo.com


Writing, and recovery heals the heart