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Recovery: What Happened to the New?

I heard an old-timer at a meeting once say, ‘You know, the first few years of sobriety were a blast because the changes were so drastic and everything was so new. Now it’s…’ and then he talked about mowing his lawn. I had read the writing on the walls – sobriety becomes boring.

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Recovery Transformations: Finding Character from the Character Defects

By: Donald Huffman   “What’s wrong with people?” she says, almost too quiet for me to hear. “Were they born with parts missing or did it fall out somewhere along the way?” ― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies       Character Defects Protect You, Until They Don’t   All shades of degradation and dereliction can visit the suffering […]

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From Addiction to Recovery: Negative to Positive

It wasn’t that I had the delusions and hallucinations of the schizophrenic, or the manic episodes of the bipolar sufferer.  I had a condition that would have me seek to put a pill bottle or a pipe in my hand like magnetism.  I had a mentality that weighed incarceration and a lack of real employability as acceptable risks.  The benefit of temporary sanity and calm that came from booze and dope had made all the pitfalls worth it.

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