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Recovery Isn’t Perfection; It’s Progress

Learning to Walk in Our Recovery
I then asked them if they would criticize a toddler who stumbled while learning to walk, or if when their children did stumble and fall, did they think, ‘Boy this kid will never walk.’

These questions usually get me some perplexed looks and the standard, “Of course not. Kids have to learn that stuff, and they’re going to fall. They just get back up.”

It’s the same for our recovery.

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Recovery Can Change the Future

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could travel into the future, see where you messed up, and then go back in time to rearrange things to make your future better? You can. If you can foresee regret, you can mind travel to the future. If you can train yourself to mind travel effectively, you can intentionally affect your future by doing something about it today.”~Richie Norton

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Recovery Warriors: The People Who Help Us

By: Marilyn L. Davis Recovery Warriors Stick Around   ____ “In my experience, people who don’t stick around during the hard times weren’t worth having around anyway.” ― Kimberly Belle, The Ones We Trust   I remember my dad talking about fair-weather friends; those who are with us when everything is going smoothly; we’ve got drugs, […]

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How is Your Recovery Growing? Better if You’re Sharing with Others

Today, my recovery field is full of the fruits of my labor, but the original seeds and ideas came from others. It’s time I considered sharing some of the harvest; after all, spring is the time for planting and I’m sure that when I share and free up space in my field, I’ll  have room to plant the ideas and suggest

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