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Recovery Warriors: The People Who Help Us

By: Marilyn L. Davis Recovery Warriors Stick Around   ____ “In my experience, people who don’t stick around during the hard times weren’t worth having around anyway.” ― Kimberly Belle, The Ones We Trust   I remember my dad talking about fair-weather friends; those who are with us when everything is going smoothly; we’ve got drugs, […]

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How is Your Recovery Growing? Better if You’re Sharing with Others

Today, my recovery field is full of the fruits of my labor, but the original seeds and ideas came from others. It’s time I considered sharing some of the harvest; after all, spring is the time for planting and I’m sure that when I share and free up space in my field, I’ll  have room to plant the ideas and suggest

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Dr. Barbara Sinor: Tales of Addiction

By: Dr. Barbara Sinor My son, Richard, was an alcoholic. He knew it, but did not admit to it until age twenty-five. His father, my husband, didn’t want to believe it; I sensed it much earlier. Both of Richard’s grandfather’s were alcoholics, that could not be denied. Alcoholism skipped a generation as neither Rich’s father […]

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When Your Child is an Addict

By: Marilyn L. Davis   “How can both Nics, the loving and considerate and generous one, and the self-obsessed and self-destructive one, be the same person?”― David Sheff, Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction Conflicting Words of Love “I  love you, Mom and Dad.” How many times did I say that to my parents […]

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