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Spreading the Message: Guest Writers Wanted

By: Marilyn L. Davis

Guest Writers and Their Stories

One of the best ways to make sure that more people get help is to invite guest writers. Why? Because it is those people, who have struggled and found solutions in their recovery that will touch others.

Why guest writers? Because how I share the lessons I've learned in 29 years of abstinence-based recovery might not work for everyone. Or, the words in my writing, might not touch a particular reader. Click To Tweet

It’s in the subtle ways that we write that will touch a reader, and perhaps encourage them to give up drugs and alcohol and find a better life. While there are about 23 million people in recovery, there still aren’t enough of us writing about addiction and recovery to help all of those people, family, and friends who are still struggling. 

Why Should You Share Here?

From Addict 2 Advocate is a place for you to: 

  • Share your lessons 
  • Encourage another
  • Offer solutions
  • Support “Recovery Works”

Readers Need Your Distinct Voice

from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davis Spreading the Message: Guest Writers WantedMost of us like ice-cream. Some of us prefer vanilla over chocolate. Other people always pick strawberry. It’s the same for our writing. One person relates to what you wrote, another finds comfort or directions from my words. But when we are all sharing the same message that “Recovery Works”, the distinctive words that we use will help reach a wider audience.

Too many people want to blog alone. Collaborative writing differs; more people write, and more people read. That means that more people understand the message. 

Try reflecting on this quote: “Collaboration begins with focusing on the collective good and not personal gain.” ― Jane Ripley, Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster 

The message of “Recovery Works” is the important message. It’s the collective gain.

Guest Writers Help Someone Grow in Their Recovery

Regardless of how it’s said, or who says it, we’ve all got to work together to get the message out there.

From Addict 2 Advocate is growing, publishing guest writers, finding the best information out there to help people get and keep their recovery, and give people support, resources, and time-tested solutions for their problems.

But most importantly, From Addict 2 Advocate wants to give people hope. 

Ready to Share Your Story? We’re Ready to Publish It

From Addict 2 Advocate needs your voice, story, and message of hope to continue spreading the word that recovery works to change lives, and to bring peace to families and children devastated by addiction. Click To Tweet

guest writers from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davisThat’s why I want guest writers to share their stories. 

Why don’t you consider writing a guest post for From Addict 2 Advocate so there’s another voice reinforcing that “Recovery Works”.


Here’s a link to submission guidelines.

Send your submission, short bio, links to your blog or books, and headshot to:



Writing, and recovery heals the heart.


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4 thoughts on “Spreading the Message: Guest Writers Wanted

  1. Fact is, we never really know who is in the other end of our internet connections, including advisers, vendors, educators and evangelists alike.

    In our world of recovery there are no sacred cows. No one is more important than the newcomer with one minute, and a conscious ambition to start living outside the arena that tortured their life.. No matter what the vise!

    None of us are immune because of an imaginary badge or gold star. The entire premise of the recovery nation is the message shared with another. Not one, old timer is any less subject to this disease than the first day they recognised it as a problem. Any one of us could be back on the streets at the drop of a hat. The day you forget that is your first slip towards setting up failure.

    As for the messages we contribute to one another, it’s up to us what we absorb or pay no attention to. The message of a newcomer with 1 hour, holds as much value as the one with 101.. To that person who needed to hear it and absorbed the value weather as a reminder, or an eye opening new message that touched a nerve or sparked an emotion.

    The minute we disagree with anothers thoughts and allow it to bother us without reasonable discussion, is the moment our program sours.

    Just as there is no ONE WAY SOLLUTION, there is not one person who should not be allowed to speak or reach out, weather for help or to convey a gesture of assistance. We are all in this together. Being alone is our initiation to creating unhealthy thoughts, just the same as it is a time to create positive ones.. Without some one to share either with, they are nothing more than farts in the wind.
    ..sincere well wishes, Craig/Dad-2

    1. Hi, Craig. Well said.

      I appreciate you stopping by and adding many of the reasons that I think guest writers are so important. I’ve said it so many times, but it bears repeating: How something is said is just as important as what is said.

      I completely agree with you about learning from someone with one hour. I ask all of the men at the house to view one another as resources and to suspend judgment on what they have to share based on how long they have been there.

      Hope you’ll contribute to the discussions soon.

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