Submission Guidelines

By: Marilyn L. Davis, Editor-in-Chief

Why Do We Want Submissions?

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There aren’t enough of us writing about addiction and recovery to reach all the people and families still suffering. It is also that how something is written is just as important as what is written, as your words will touch a reader in ways that mine can’t. 

Send ALL communications, such as a pitch for an article, or the article to this address:

General Submission Guidelines

Please send your article in a Word.doc (x) format, no Google Docs, please. Make sure your article is well-written. From Addict 2 Advocate expects that articles use proper grammar, clarity, style, tone, and punctuation. We ask that you edit for the obvious, and then edit again for those pesky mistakes we all make. If we select your submission, we will do an editorial review.

If it does not meet From Addict 2 Advocate  standards, but the overall concept is appealing, we may ask that you to ‘revise and resubmit’ your article, which is not a rejection of your submission.

When the article passes our first examination, or your revised work is better, we will email you with further instructions.

Please note: Anticipate 2-4 weeks before your post goes live. We will notify you by email the morning of publication. 

Specific Submission Guidelines_

  • Broad Topics

Addictions, Recovery, Codependency, Spirituality, Stigmas, and Research

  • Word Count

We ask that articles be 500-1000 original words; however, we will work with authors if the article exceeds 1500 words. We will also consider a series.

  • Articles Are Original, Unique, or Updated

We will not consider writings published elsewhere, including your website. We expect non-plagiarized writing. If you are uncertain about the various forms of plagiarism, click here for a description.

  • “Value-added” Articles

Make sure your submissions are not only unique about perspective, but also relevant to the times. Our readers and subscribers want value-added articles that include:

  1. A “how-to” that clearly defines methods, paths to recovery, and suggestions
  2. Memoirs that encourage hope to those in early recovery
  3. Well-written posts that look at the underlying causes and conditions
  4. Overcoming barriers to recovery
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about addiction and recovery
  6. Family perspectives on addiction and recovery
  • Proper Citations, If Necessary

Give proper attribution when citing statistics, quotes, or references. Provide a genuine citation in the article and hyperlink to the verifiable source. This includes photos, images, and art.

  • Accompanying Bio

All work submitted needs an accompanying bio and high-resolution photo of the author (or the best photo you have).

We prefer a head shot (JPEG) image; we would like our readers to see you as well as read your post. However, we would ask that it is not a vacation or family shot, etc.

  • Posts Can Be Withdrawn or Pulled Down

From Addict 2 Advocate maintains the right to reject any articles that do not meet the criteria mentioned above. We also have the right to pull-down posts which are found to be false, wrong, or without proper permission (memoir is one example).

  • Publication License Agreement

When submitting, you are agreeing to an “Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivatives 4.0 International” license with From Addict 2 Advocate to publish your original articles.

From Addict 2 Advocate may, then, in turn, use extracts, quotes, or portions in a later article to reference back to your original article for further exposure. (Links to the article are allowed even if not written by the original writer).

Building Community with Your Submissions

A Final Note: When you’re published on From Addict 2 Advocate, we ask that you be courteous to our readers and respond to their comments (barring an emergency that you cannot help). All comments are important, and to ignore a reader’s comment (not to include trolls, we’ll weed those out) is an act of arrogance that no one appreciates.

If your post is published, please share on all of your social media sites.

Ready to send?  Please follow the guidelines and then send your word.doc(x) article to


Writing, and recovery heals the heart


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