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By: Ben Rose   “Someday Somewhere We’ll find a new way of living We’ll find a way of forgiving…” “There’s a Place for Us”, from the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story    Excrement Occurs   On 4/22/22, I turned 15. Not a chronological 15; I am far older than that. This date represents 15 years…

Recovery Is In Bloom

By: Ben Rose     GENEROSITY OF THE SEASON    Ramadan Kareem translates to, “Have a generous Ramadan.” Allahu Akram often follows this greeting, “The Lord is much more generous.” This greeting and response are standard this time of year in The Muslim faith. Fasting from sunrise to sunset to celebrate the revelation of the…

Finished Treatment? Find a Meeting

By: Marilyn L. Davis    You’ll Find Your Support at a Meeting   “There are multiple pathways to addiction recovery, and ALL are cause for celebration!” ~ William L. White   Been There, Done That   Mutual aid and recovery support groups have been around since 1944, continuing to grow in numbers, types, philosophies, and orientations.  …

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My memoir, Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate is for sale on Amazon. Both Kindle and paperback. A chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American with 34 years in recovery started my journey.

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Early Recovery

Thinking Your Way Out of A Relapse

  By: Ben Rose  “Free your mind, and your ass will follow” – Funkadelic   Stinking Thinking Gets You Closer to a Relapse Addictive thinking is a potential sign of relapse. While this isn’t a…

The Power of Shared Experiences

By: Marilyn L. Davis     “Share with others what is working and not working and watch the magic happen in your life as you help others.”― Richie Norton   Who Shares Matters – Or…

How Urgent Is Your Need for Change? 

The reality is that change is going to feel painful, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and uncertain. Too often people focus only on their pain, what they will have to go through to change, without reflecting on the…

Changes Give Us Hope for a Better Future

For many addicts and alcoholics coming to terms with the puzzle of addiction – knowing they need to change and doing the complete opposite is frustrating and scary. However, the good news is that the…

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in your recovery. There are 23 million of us in recovery which means there’s a homegroup, sponsor, and supportive people waiting to help you. Don’t hesitate to get started and read more about others who share this journey.

Change is Difficult

Change is difficult, but so was our addiction. When we embrace change, adopt an attitude of excitement about what our positive changes can bring, it makes the process of change less frightening.

You Deserve Freedom

You deserve freedom from the bondage of addiction. Regardless of what you’ve done, who you’ve harmed, or how badly you feel about yourself, making changes, amends, and living a life of spiritual principles will give you that freedom.

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By: Ben Rose   “Someday Somewhere We’ll find a new way of living We’ll find a way of forgiving…” “There’s a Place for Us”, from the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story    Excrement Occurs   On…

17 Spiritual Principles That Will Change Your Life

In one of my first lectures in treatment, I kept hearing about the spiritual principles that I needed to incorporate into my recovery.  For the principles listing on the sign-up sheet, I falsely assumed that I'd…

Casualties of Addiction: Our Children

Did I realize that I'd taken up arms against my children when I started using? No, I did not set out to harm them; however, that was the result.  And just as the history books…


The psychiatrist and Course in Miracles teacher Jerry Jampolsky in Goodbye to Guilt calls forgiveness “the ultimate challenge” (p. 149). We cling to hurts, slights, insults, betrayals, wrongs, anger, resentments, annoyances—and on and on, through…

You are not alone in your struggles.

In allowing those struggling with addiction and substance abuse to read and connect with the stories of those who lived the same struggle, we hope to help all those on a path to recovery to see, feel, and have faith in the wide variety of effective strategies which produce results.

A Workbook to Help

For years, people have told you to write a book, you've got a great story to tell, and you could teach people something. But great stories don't always translate into excellent memoirs. Why is that? Notable memoirs take pre-planning before you start writing – even a draft. A significant part of your pre-planning involves understanding why you are writing this memoir, determining your theme, creating emotional safety, and how to disclose information about yourself and others. The worksheets guide you through remembering, reflecting, and reconstructing an excellent memoir.

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