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Recovery Fears: Still Sitting on the Fence?

“I can attempt to stay on the fence. However, the problem is that the fence is a figment of my fear not a reality of my journey.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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Judgment Perpetuates Stigma

By: C. W. Stratton   Judgement: We’re All Experts on Others   “Judging others is easy because it distracts us from the responsibility of judging ourselves.” ~Charles Glassman, Brain Drain: The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life    Trying to discern another person’s level of commitment to recovery is such a challenging task.  When interacting […]

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Recovery: Help Me Unload This Emotional Baggage

Recovery Helps Us Unload the Emotional Baggage

    By: C. W. Stratton   The Baggage We Bring to Recovery   “Everyone has baggage, maybe we should help each other carry it.” ― Rob Liano   There are so many facets and perspectives in the process of recovery.  Something that’s consistently heard and relayed is the concept of “don’t use and go to a […]

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Recovery Started with Participation in Treatment

By: Marilyn L Davis   Participation: Start with Your Counselor “I found the prospect daunting, but somehow comforting, too, because the counselors insisted it could be done, and, after all, many of them were recovering alcoholics themselves.” ― Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot   Recently someone referred to you as […]

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Recovery: Overcoming the Whirlpool of Self-Deception

By: C. W. Stratton   “Self-deception is the surest way to self-destruction.  Reality has a way of catching up with us.”~Sam Erwin How Am I Deceiving Myself? I’m Doing So Good!   Active addiction is filled with so many feelings and emotions; guilt, shame, low self-esteem, low self-worth, feelings of inadequacy and feelings of being […]

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Contributing Writers

For many years, I’ve talked, preached, and promoted the concept of collaborating with other writers to reach a wider audience. To me it just makes sense. And here at From Addict 2 Advocate, there are strong writers sharing their message of hope and recovery.

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Addict in My Family, What To Do Now?

While we would like an immediate end to the struggles, fights, and heartache of addiction, healing for the individual and the family is a process. Part of the process of healing for the family is finding support from people in a similar situation. Joining any family components offered at a treatment facility, or attending family support groups affiliated with 12 Step programs, faith-based groups, or codependency groups will help a family member heal

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