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A Woman in Need of God: Author, Whitney McKendree Moore

By: Marilyn L. Davis In reading Whitney McKendree Moore’s book, Whit’s End, the first thing that stood out was how self-sufficient, poised, and seemingly together she appeared. However, we all know that looks are deceiving. Adeptly moving from one type of crisis to another, she finally realizes she can’t fix the problems, can’t control the […]

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  By Whitney McKendree Moore   “Mature adults gravitate toward new values and understandings, not just rehashing and blind acceptance of past patterns and previous learning. This is an ongoing process and maturity demands lifelong learners.” ― David W. Earle LPC- Love is Not Enough     As I celebrate my third decade in recovery, I […]

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A Voice from Al-Anon: We’re All In This Alone Together

By:  Whitney McKendree Moore Isolated in the Group? When I finally found my way into Al-Anon, I began to see what Lily Tomlin may have meant when she said, “We’re all in this alone together.” I had grown up in functional alcoholism and had then married it, so heads were nodding as I introduced myself […]

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A Voice from Al-Anon: Learning to Listen marilyn l davis from addict 2 advocate whitney mckendree moore

A Voice from Al-Anon: Learning to Listen

By: Whitney McKendree Moore   Changing My Focus by Listening   Al-Anon has taught me that recovery involves listening. One of our slogans is Listen and Learn. Another is Progress Not Perfection. Another (which I made up) is Recovery is a Verb. In Al-Anon meetings, sharing after sharing has built my trust that The Higher […]

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Thursday Truths: Ruth’s Story of Early Al-Anon

Note from the Editor-in-chief, Marilyn L. Davis: Ever wonder what the early days of Al-Anon were like? Whitney McKendree Moore had the pleasure of interviewing Ruth in 2000 for this post.  We are grateful to people like Lois Wilson, wife of Bill Wilson for taking people under her wing like Ruth, and for the ‘Ruths’ […]

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By Whitney McKendree Moore   Who’s The Real Manager Here?  This photograph was posted with the caption, “BRANCH MANAGER AND ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER.” I howled (pun intended) because that little dangler is me. My real puny status was not in the least bit funny when I first crawled into Twelve-Step recovery, exhausted from years of […]

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Recommended Recovery Books

If you’re an author, traditionally or self-published, do you need more exposure for your book?

Probably, and a Recommended Recovery Book post can offer that for you.

It’s my way of getting valuable information out to people who are still struggling with their addictions. It also allows you another platform to promote your book.

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