By: Marilyn L. Davis

In reading Whitney McKendree Moore’s book, Whit’s End, the first thing that stood out was how self-sufficient, poised, and seemingly together she appeared. However, we all know that looks are deceiving.

Adeptly moving from one type of crisis to another, she finally realizes she can’t fix the problems, can’t control the outcomes, and she certainly can’t make anyone in her family or herself better.

Although she had shouldered responsibilities for years – hers, and the feelings and actions of others, eventually, she learns what she is capable of, and what she had to give to God.

She states that she writes to come alongside other women who, like her, have reached the point of saying, “I can’t; God can; I need to let Him.”

Twelve-Step recovery led her to discover a relationship with God that is interactive, up close, and personal. Whitney, like many of us, has dialogues with God; speaking of our pain, sorrow, troubles, and grateful moments. Then silently listening for the comforting, confronting, and caring words of God to guide us.

She calls her writing “campfire stories.” She writes to tell of God’s incredible help and guidance in her life in three distinct ways:

Divine Intervention

from addict 2 advocate whitney mckendree mooreWhit’s End The Biography of a Breakdown is her personal testimony of how God revealed and healed denial, delivered her from it into a whole new life.

Amazon customer review: “So many authors try to tell us how Christian life should be – Whitney Moore told us sincerely how a Christian life CAN be! I ached for this very real family struggling just to live – relationships, bills, expectations, exhaustion. No villains – just very real life – whether we struggle with addictions or not, Whitney’s frank words of hope will lift our spirits. Life is hard. Thanks to this author for admitting it! But, there is Hope! Thanks again for testifying!” DebD.

Direct Connections

Downloads from God and Contemporary Psalms are companion volumes — excerpts of what it sounds like to be in Quiet Time with the Maker of the Universe.

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Divine Connections

BS-Busters and Praise in the Storm are books of encouragement, urging gatherings where it safe to “be real” with God, with ourselves, and with each other. Her books are for women discouraged by a loved one’s alcoholism, especially for those who may not realize that help is available. Writing about her connection to God, she encourages other to get REAL with God, ourselves, and with each other.from addict 2 advocate whitney mckendree moore

Amazon customer review: “BS Busters was a labor of love. It can be used in many ways with groups, such as home Bible studies, church Bible studies, or even children’s time during a worship service. It could also be used for private reflection.” Joanne Wilder

from addict 2 advocate whitney mckendree mooreWhitney also finds comfort and inspiration from music.  Sing Hallelujah is a collection of fifty original songs that are simple — easy to learn and explore through prayerful improvisation.


She recently published two more “campfire stories”:

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Amazon customer review: “When you look at What The Conductor Said, it looks like a book and reads like a book but you will soon find out it’s much more. It is an experience. I found myself on this delightful ride through the pages as Whitney painted these vibrant descriptions; I wasn’t hearing about different stories, I was there, tasting each delightful morsel.” Anne Peterson

Whitney’s books encourage all of us struggling with addictions, family strife, or simply wanting to heal the wounds of life.  If that description fits you, I believe you’ll find guidance, consolation, and nurturing in Whitney’s books.


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Writing, and recovery heals the heart.


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