By: Marilyn L. Davis


There But for The Grace


“The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.” ― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook
Today is Thanksgiving; a time of family, fellowship and for some, the parade and pumpkin pie.  That just paints a picture of the American dream day now doesn’t it?
But for many, they are away from their loved ones, in jails and treatment for their addiction. 
My friend, Ed Brazell posted about Letters to a Loved One and I thought that was a good way for all of us to give on this day of thanks.  Here is a little about Letters to Our Loved Ones
“This time of the year it’s tough on our loved ones that are away either in treatment or incarceration. So this year we are having a letter campaign for them. It’s important that they get mail and just think of the smile that you’ll bring. So we’ve created a program that anyone can use so we can reach each one.
This is impossible to keep track of manually and we needed a way where everyone can be a part of it. You can go in and add your love one so others can select their names and send them a letter. While you’re in there you can choose a couple of names for yourself.
You’ll need to use a pin number (that you’ll remember, at least 4 characters) to add a love one or select one. This was needed for security to keep others from changing anyone’s information.”

No, there isn’t mail today, but a card, letter, or printout of an inspirational or encouraging saying or quote might just help someone not feel forgotten, so sign up, and get it in the mail tomorrow. 

Here’s a link, Letters to a Loved One,  and I hope we remember how worried we were when in jail or treatment that we had burned too many bridges for anyone to ever miss us.
Send a reminder that someone out there can relate, is supportive and just thinking about another person. 

Writing, and recovery heals the heart 

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