My Home-bound Recovery During COVID-19: Purging and Using Podcasts

My Home-bound Recovery During COVID-19: Purging and Using Podcasts

Whether you’re home because of COVID, work restrictions, furloughs, or layoffs, don’t let your recovery suffer.

Seek out an online meeting.
Connect with recovery-oriented people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media
Write a guest post for From Addict 2 Advocate
Cherish loved ones
Facetime your recovery friends
Read meditation books
Read recovery literature

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Inside Voice: Insane or Intuition?

Most of us do not talk about the voices in our heads, yet we all have them. Sometimes they are the everyday thoughts that we have turned into the sounds, which sound like the person who initially told them, as in the critical or negative voice.

In my head, I have a Mouse voice that squeaks with fear each time I undertake a new beginning, usually followed by the Big Girl voice that encourages the Mouse to take action even when Mouse is afraid.

There is also what I call my Librarian Voice, which keeps a record of outcomes.

Then there is the Guiding Voice.

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Seven Deadly Sins, Arishadvarga, Character Defects, and Kleshas: Self-Defeating by Any Other Name

The more I read, the more similarities that I found between three of the world’s major religions: Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, with what I believe to be the fundamentals of recovery. All of these reinforce the essential responsibility to change the character defects within us and to stop those thoughts, actions, and behaviors that are harmful to us and to others.

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Dealing with Guilt in Your Recovery

Guilt motivates some people to change; they feel bad about their behaviors and they want these feelings to stop, so they change, and make amends.
Shame, however, often paralyzes people. Their distorted opinion of themselves leads them to believe that no one could forgive them for their actions; they think they are so worthless and undeserving of absolution that they often do not try to make amends.

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Do I Have to Work on my Recovery, Today?

The success of your recovery depends on maintaining vigilance or awareness. You’ve worked hard to give up drugs and alcohol; that’s the getting into recovery. Unfortunately, some people get complacent or self-satisfied when they have accomplished a part of the whole. It’s rather like someone saying they want to eat some cake for dessert and then stopping with only the eggs and flour in the bowl, but saying, “Look, I’m making a cake. I think I’ll take a break.”

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