Hitting Bottom: High Ones, Low Ones, and Choosing One

By marilynldavis

Many people have tried to recover and hit yet another lower bottom because they keep trying unsuccessful methods.  If this has happened to you, then this bottom can be the last if you do things differently.
I’ve always thought that the quote from Israelmore Ayivor speaks to all the ways we’ve tried to overcome our addiction on our own, and haven’t been successful. “You need to GIVE UP on methods that always give you wrong results. No matter how committed you are with a wrong formula, it always gives a wrong answer. Give up!” 


By Christine Campbell

In about three weeks, I’ll celebrate 25 years in recovery. I look back in utter amazement and gratitude, often humbled by the spiritual family that cared enough, and loved me enough, to call me out on my BS. I was raised old school AA ―structure, traditions, service positions, always involved in some fashion.