The Power of Shared Experiences

By marilynldavis

By: Marilyn L. Davis     “Share with others what is working and not working and watch the magic happen in your life as you help others.”― Richie Norton   Who Shares Matters – Or Does It?    The addicted population is one of the most shortsighted groups regarding who we listen to and learn…

It’s A Feeling; It Will Pass

By Craig Stratton

But why do people use?  In each of the three categories there’s a common denominator – feelings and emotions.  You know, those things that we do our best to guard and to avoid discussing.  The way we deal with them often dictates  how our day will be and how we respond or react to different situations. 

Addiction to Recovery: Nowhere to Somewhere

By marilynldavis

Our barriers are self-imposed for the most part. That’s both good and bad news. Good because it’s an attitude within us, and therefore, we can change it. However, that’s the downside, too as most of us don’t like to feel uncomfortable in our life choices

Do I Have to Work on my Recovery, Today?

By marilynldavis

The success of your recovery depends on maintaining vigilance or awareness. You’ve worked hard to give up drugs and alcohol; that’s the getting into recovery. If we don’t work on our recovery every day, we run the risk of becoming complacent, and that’s a dangerous place to be. Are you safe-guarding your recovery today with routines?