Replacing Old Routines With The New: People, Places and Things

By Craig Stratton

Replacing people, places, and things with new, recovery-oriented choices means we can expect better recovery.

Changes Give Us Hope for a Better Future

By marilynldavis

For many addicts and alcoholics coming to terms with the puzzle of addiction – knowing they need to change and doing the complete opposite is frustrating and scary. However, the good news is that the barriers and objections are within you and that means you have the ability to change them. It’s just a matter of isolating them, examining them and then changing what doesn’t work or fit anymore.

Recovery Means No More Fake Appearances

By marilynldavis

Addiction forces us to present a fake appearance. We smile, when every fiber of our being is screaming in pain. We posture as friendly, when all we want to do is get our dope and leave. We pretend that we have it all together when we take our children to school or football. We show fake emotions because we are so embarrassed and frightened by our authentic ones.