Recovery Means No More Fake Appearances

By marilynldavis

Addiction forces us to present a fake appearance. We smile, when every fiber of our being is screaming in pain. We posture as friendly, when all we want to do is get our dope and leave. We pretend that we have it all together when we take our children to school or football. We show fake emotions because we are so embarrassed and frightened by our authentic ones. 

Casualties of Addiction: Our Children

By marilynldavis

Did I realize that I’d taken up arms against my children when I started using? No, I did not set out to harm them; however, that was the result.  And just as the history books record the injustices done, each of my children recollects the harm from her perspective. 

Addiction Distorts – Recovery Transforms

By marilynldavis

How convenient and dishonest to say that all the harmful things I did to people were in my use. Then I could blame my behaviors, attitudes and actions on a substance, not the shadow aspects of myself or my character defects. Although my use distorted my thinking, behaviors, and attitudes, it was the shadow aspects or myself and my character defects that fueled my actions as much as my use.

Cast the First Stone

By Donnie Huffman

When I was younger, I always thought there was this better version of me that I was waiting to grow into. That may very well be true, but thinking of a heaven in the future can make a hell out of the present. Speaking of damnation, I’ve had a deep and vicious fear of hell all throughout my life. One that waited, hungry for me at the end of this life.