Recovery: Just Pass the Answers On

By marilynldavis

Another benefit from passing on good recovery advice is that you free up space in your brain to learn the lessons you need at this time, plus you get to feel useful, helpful, and caring – and those are generally not the qualities we had in our addiction. So, today, where can you pass it on? Look for opportunities to share and care.

17 Spiritual Principles That Will Change Your Life

By marilynldavis

In one of my first lectures in treatment, I kept hearing about the spiritual principles that I needed to incorporate into my recovery.  For the principles listing on the sign-up sheet, I falsely assumed that I’d go to a dimly lit room, with incense wafting and cloistered monks reading from musty, dusty tomes.  I hoped that they would enlighten me and give me ancient wisdom on how to change.

Instead, I learned from recovering people like myself in recovery support meetings.