Are You Judging the Newcomer?

By marilynldavis

As we fight our addictions and try to remove stigma, we must remove judgment within the walls of the sacred places that we meet to heal.

It’s A Feeling; It Will Pass

By Craig Stratton

But why do people use?  In each of the three categories there’s a common denominator – feelings and emotions.  You know, those things that we do our best to guard and to avoid discussing.  The way we deal with them often dictates  how our day will be and how we respond or react to different situations. 

Recovery: Overcoming the Whirlpool of Self-Deception

By Craig Stratton

By: C. W. Stratton   Self-Deception Masks the Truth   “People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can only continue to believe this by becoming specialists in self-deception.”― James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room    Negative feelings characterize active addiction: guilt shame low self-esteem low self-worth  inadequacy  inferiority At unexpected times, these feelings…

The Master Juggler

By Craig Stratton

A true Master Juggler knows how many objects they can effectively keep in the air, and then catch. We have to have the same awareness in our recovery.  What can we reasonably accomplish on any given day? 

Are You Powerless or Effortless In Your Recovery?

By Craig Stratton

___ __ __ ___ By: Craig Stratton _____ “Feeling powerless and not acting is like being hungry and not choosing to eat.” ~Naoshad Pochkhanawala Stalled and Stuck at Step One?    The recovery process is full of concepts, phrases, short quotes, and words that we take for granted or use to our advantage in many…