Bridging The Gap: Improving Treatment Outcomes With Effective Family Engagement

By marilynldavis

  By Jim Savage, LCDC   Family Challenges in Treatment   I’ve worked in the addiction field for over 30 years. One of the most significant periods was from 2000-2010, when I owned an adolescent outpatient treatment program.  During that time, I got a good education about what works and what doesn’t in addiction treatment,…


By marilynldavis

By Whitney McKendree Moore   Who’s The Real Manager Here?  This photograph was posted with the caption, “BRANCH MANAGER AND ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER.” I howled (pun intended) because that little dangler is me. My real puny status was not in the least bit funny when I first crawled into Twelve-Step recovery, exhausted from years of…

Addict in My Family, What To Do Now?

By Craig Stratton

While we would like an immediate end to the struggles, fights, and heartache of addiction, healing for the individual and the family is a process. Part of the process of healing for the family is finding support from people in a similar situation. Joining any family components offered at a treatment facility, or attending family support groups affiliated with 12 Step programs, faith-based groups, or codependency groups will help a family member heal