It’s A Feeling; It Will Pass

By Craig Stratton

But why do people use?  In each of the three categories there’s a common denominator – feelings and emotions.  You know, those things that we do our best to guard and to avoid discussing.  The way we deal with them often dictates  how our day will be and how we respond or react to different situations. 

Time to Reset Your Recovery Goals?

By marilynldavis

When we first get into recovery, time takes on a different aspect – there is either too much or not enough. We may become aware of how much time we wasted in our addiction, and desperately try to make up for all the mistakes of the past in one day.

Are You More Afraid of Staying the Same or Changing?

By marilynldavis

For most of us, we’re afraid when we think about changing the patterns of our lives, whether it’s giving up drugs or alcohol, or changing the way we think, feel, and act. After all, we have done or been something for so long that those actions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are mechanical or habituated. These predictable actions are the norm, and when we leave the comfort zone, we get anxious.