Hurt Feelings or Bruised Ego?

By marilynldavis

I should logically be able to state, without reservation, which of those five feelings was hurt. However, the reality is that no one can define which of the five feeling categories was hurt, because feelings by themselves cannot be hurt. It’s our egos that get bruised.

It’s A Feeling; It Will Pass

By Craig Stratton

But why do people use?  In each of the three categories there’s a common denominator – feelings and emotions.  You know, those things that we do our best to guard and to avoid discussing.  The way we deal with them often dictates  how our day will be and how we respond or react to different situations. 

We Are All in Recovery from Something

By marilynldavis

Families develop a blind eye about the elephant in the room, and pretend that something so obvious as the neglect, abuse, or dysfunction do not exist. Recovering from these issues is as important as recovering from addiction.