By: Saoirse Love




Now in your moonlight I rise alone

Knowing you are not coming anymore

And I ache for the seduction of your ghost form

As I ache for any drug

Once an addict


In my waking dreams you appear


 Faded and pale

As unreal as all your lost promises

And as they would fade with the light of day

So, does your countenance


Time and again

Lost conversations

Between me and the birds

And your half self

Up half the night


We made love to the spirit of your false glow

And I watched as it faded to dust

Only bright and alive when lit with alcohol and substances

You would glow that false moonlight


Charging your inner light

Dazzling me with its promise

Deluding me


When I looked into your eyes

Against my wishes


I saw endless blackness

No light … No hope

No truth … No pity

A void

So, I let go


I can hear the lies formulating in my brain

The lies of an addict and I mirror you

I will say anything to justify

One last hit, one last kiss


But it is never the last hit/ kiss

Goodbye lies of an addict

I can see clearly in the moonlight now

No illusions, No delusions


I gather all my treasured delusions

Together in my fist

And put to rest all

My apparitions and waking dreams


Bio: Saoirse Love


Saoirse Love is a disabled single mum with Bipolar 1, caring for a teenage child with Asperger’s Syndrome. 

She has worked for many years as a craft worker, prop maker, puppeteer, and artist in Dublin, Ireland. 

She is now writing poetry, short fiction, and memoir.


Saoirse is also published on Two Drops of Ink, for the Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest, discussing her experiences with a mental health condition. 


Writing, and recovery heals the heart

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