By: Marilyn L. Davis

from addict 2 advocateThe Universe Recognizes Morgan

How the universe works is a mystery to me. The first message of the day was an announcement that the tribute and memorial to my dog, Morgan, was in this paper.

I had chosen to write about her on my other blog, Two Drops of Ink, more as a memoir.

However, Morgan’s life was one of providing support to the those suffering from addictions, shame and guilt, and it is fitting that she is recognized here at From Addict 2 Advocate as well.

I am comforted that others will know of her fierce love for the women of North House and me. She helped many women open up and learn to talk about their shame and secrets. Her ability to know who needed more encouragement to release their fears, talk about a problem, or know that they had value in the world was amazing.

She provided healing for many, and she is missed.

Writing, and recovery heal the heart.

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