Recovery at Home? Try a Podcast marilyn l davis from addict 2 advocate

Recovery at Home? Try a Podcast

By: Marilyn L. Davis


“Lux spent the ride dialing the radio for her favorite song. “It makes me crazy,” she said. “You know they’re playing it somewhere, but you have to find it.”

~ Jeffrey EugenidesThe Virgin Suicides


Are You Still at Home?


It’s still a scary time for some of us. 

  • Do we go out? 
  • How do we socially distance at a meeting? 
  • Are they restricting the number of people who can attend? 
  • Will a mask work? 
  • How do I handle old friends wanting to hug? 
  • Can listening to a podcast help me? 

By the time I’ve obsessed on those questions, my heart rate is up, I’ve wasted 30 minutes thinking and getting no answers, and even if I chose to go to the meeting, I’d be late. 

Sound familiar? 





If you’re like me, the statistics, advice, and realities are all confusing. The spikes, drops, flattening, curving upwards – downwards – all conflicting. 

So what can you do to ensure that you get a meeting? Check out some of these Facebook podcasts that help me stay safe but supported. 

Not a Facebook fan? Don’t worry, Google has us covered for online meetings. Here’s the link. 


Isolation Fuels the Anxieties and Addiction 




Recovery at Home? Try a Podcast marilyn l davis from addict 2 advocate


I know I’m not the only one who has negative thoughts. That’s the good news. But the downside of being home is there’s no one to dispel these negative thoughts except me and I sometimes forget to refute the chatter. Tell me I’m not alone in that? See, that’s a question I could throw out at a meeting, get multiple perspectives on the thoughts, and leave my meeting feeling better – plus the hugs always helped. Now?



While You’re Home



Whether you're home because of COVID, work restrictions, furloughs, or layoffs, don't let your recovery suffer. Here's few ways to help ensure against a relapse. Click To Tweet


  1. Seek out an online meeting.
  2. Connect with recovery-oriented people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media
  3. Write a guest post for From Addict 2 Advocate
  4. Cherish loved ones
  5. Facetime your recovery friends
  6. Read meditation books
  7. Read recovery literature


Above All – Don’t Relapse


Recovery at Home? Try a Podcast marilyn l davis from addict 2 advocate

This, too, shall pass – when?!

Beats me, but I know that more than anything else, a relapse would destroy what I’ve worked to achieve in these 31 years of recovery.

Solution – hang in there.


Writing and recovery heals the heart. 




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