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Recommended Recovery Books

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Books still provide valuable lessons for people struggling with their addiction. Books that we endorse on this page help people with their recovery and their lives. Click To Tweet


from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davis recommended recovery booksWant Your Book Reviewed? 

If you’re an author, traditionally or self-published, do you need more exposure for your book?

Probably, and a Recommended Recovery Book post can offer that to you.

It’s my way of getting valuable information out to people who are still struggling with their addictions. It also allows you another platform to promote your book.

Submissions are simple:


  1. Send me a link to your book.
  2. Send me any reviews.
  3. I would also like a detailed summary of your book. I’ll decide about its posting to the site from this summary, along with the reviews.


  1. You must be one of these, or all three: owner/author/publisher of the book.
  2. The book will go through a vetting/review process, and you will be notified as to whether it will be posted on the site.
  3. Please include a short summary of your book for readers. It must be 150 words or less. Make it count. This is your time to shine and catch the reader’s attention.
  4. Include a high-res book cover (300 dpi) and a link to the book, your website, blog, or any pertinent marketing information. Etc. This is not a part of your 150-word summary; however, please keep this section as concise as possible.
  5. Please provide a recent headshot (JPEG); professional, not a family vacation photo, and 200-word bio.
  6. From Addict 2 Advocate is not responsible for any disparaging comments, poor reviews, or trollish behavior toward your book from exposure to the public on our site. However, I do monitor comments, and I will delete derogatory remarks.
  7. The guidelines for ‘Recommended Recovery Books’ may change at any time.
  8. From Addict 2 Advocate reserves the right to remove books from the site at any time for various reasons.
  9. Showcased books will rotate out every few months. 

Questions about the Recovery Book Shelf?

If you have any questions, please email me at

Please put ‘Recommended Recovery Books’ in the subject line.



Good luck!



Featured books at From Addict 2 Advocate

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The Big Trap…Just one last High









from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davis recommended recovery booksAddicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) by Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Read about how Catherine lost the gamble and gained her life.









from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davis recommended recovery booksHeroin – Living and Dying with an Addict You Love: How to Survive when Everyone Dies by Robert L. Hobbs

Love an addict? Are you one yourself? This touched me and my family in so many ways.









from addict 2 advocate marilyn l davis recommended recovery booksWhit’s End by Whitney McKendree Moore

Read about how looking good on the outside is never an indication of what’s going on within.









Martin James mcFadden don't go there recommended recovery books Don’t Go There by Martin Jim McFadden

Read about how when his father lay dying, he was getting arrested.